About Me

Me and a Tesla

Hi! My name is Mark.

After 6+ years working far too many 60-80 hour weeks for a startup that was recently acquired, I decided it was time to leave and slow my life down a bit. More importantly, I wanted pursue some other of my other interests and more volunteering/charity work.

I have been playing around with graphic design since I was in elementary school. In college I did an extra credit project for one of my communication design classes and thus the concept of my "Accentuate The Negative" art was born.

Since then, I've made several pieces for close family and friends - see the Bespoke page - and have now expanded to the FinTwit and city spirit apparel world. I would love to see my ATN Artwork continue to expand and I am excited to finally have the time to devote to this passion project.

Thank you for your time and interest in my work!